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The First Words Flash Cards from Signing Stars are a great way to communicate using baby sign language! The First Words set contains twenty useful first signs.

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Signing Stars Flash Cards are the fun way to learn to communicate using baby sign language!

One side shows a visual cue for the child and the other side has easy instructions for the adult so you can both practice your signs together.

Each set is packaged in an easy to store matchbox. Also included is an instruction card to help get you started.

The First Words set contains 20 useful first signs for you to learn and practice including: apple, baby, ball, banana, bath, bed, book, bird, car, cat, Dad, dog, drink, duck, eat, hurt, milk, Mum, teddy bear and telephone.

Each card features:

  • colourful pictures to inspire baby’s imagination
  • UV coating for added protection from moisture and sun
  • safe for little hands with all corners rounded
  • easy to understand graphics and hints to help you sign

Babies from as young as 6 months of age can enjoy these flashcards and the whole family can join in.

Your child will love learning with you and Signing Stars Flash Cards make it so much fun!

These cards are designed and printed in Australia and all signs depicted are AUSLAN (Australian sign language).

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