Have you ever wondered what your baby is thinking?

Baby signing can enable babies to communicate from as young as six months old. They can learn to wave goodbye, clap hands and reach out for you to pick them up, so why not teach them to say a whole lot more using their hands…?

Babies learn to crawl before they walk –
teach them to sign before they talk!

From the age of around six months, babies are generally both physically and mentally able to learn to communicate using baby signing. While it is most beneficial between the ages of nine months old and around two and a half years, your baby is not “too young” or “too old” as long as you feel there is a need for it.

This video show our then nine-month old using a few of her “starter signs”.

One of the key benefits of using baby signing is reducing frustration – who hasn’t had their baby looking like this?

Baby signing (also known as baby sign language) is easy and fun, and babies love it! It is a window into your baby’s mind, and enables them to tell you about the world as they see it, and allows you to more easily have two way communication with them.

Baby Babble use Auslan as the basis for all baby signing workshops and classes. Auslan is the official language for the deaf community in Australia. You can find out more about Auslan on Wikipedia (external link).

Baby signing is also often referred to as “baby sign language”. Baby Babble prefer the term “baby signing”, as it is not really a language of it’s own – it is using an existing language and simplifying for use with babies and toddlers.

Baby Babble - baby signing starter signs

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