Have you ever wondered what your baby is thinking?

Baby sign language is the best-kept secret of super calm mums

Have you ever seen those mums who seem to have it all under control and wonder how the hell they do it? They understand their baby and know exactly what they need. Their baby is mostly happy and hardly ever chucks embarrassing temper tantrums.

Those super calm mums have a secret weapon – baby sign language.

And they’re mums just like you. They once looked at their unsettled baby and thought, ‘I wish you could tell me what you want’. They did their research and discovered the world of baby signing.

By learning baby sign language, your baby can ‘talk’ to you (rather than just making lots of sounds that you don’t understand):

  • Best suited for babies from 6 months of age
  • Change temper tantrums to clear communication of needs
  • Strengthen your bond while stimulating your baby’s brain development
  • Accelerate your baby’s speech process and give them a strong foundation for early literacy – advanced vocabulary, spelling and reading abilities

Does baby sign language really work?

Yes! From 6 months of age, your baby will be physically and mentally ready to communicate with you. They just don’t know how. It’s the perfect time to start teaching your baby how to use baby sign language.

If you’re unsure if your baby is ready, here are a couple of signs they are:

  • They wave bye-bye to you or others
  • If they drop something, they look where it went
  • They can hold their own bottle

And remember, although it is recommended your start baby signing between 6 to 9 months, it’s never too late to start.

Baby signing is easy to learn and fun for both mums and babies. And trust me, life as a mum is so much easier when you know what your baby wants. There’s less guess work and fewer temper tantrums when you’re ‘getting it wrong’.

Here’s Keira at 9 months of age using her ‘starter signs’.